Bandits lived in the swamps and morasses between the Maas and southern Nijmegen between the seventh and eight century. These bandits were known as Hoemannen which is probably where the area now known as Heumen got its name. it was strategicaly a good area and gave the bandits controle over large parts of west eastern holland. They made use of old abandond roman forts which gave them an ideal place from where they could carry out there raids on unsuspecting travelers and merchants and pilgrims.

One such group was attacked on autumn evening nearby Malden.The group where pilgrims and were unarmed, most of the party fled into the marshes, only one lonely figure stood his ground, unarmed but unafraid. Impressed by the strangers courage the bandits decided to take him back to there hide-out and present him to there chief. The chiefs name was Walrick, a giant of a man reknown for his fighting skills and blood thirsty nature.

When the stranger was brought to Walrick he introduced himself as Wilibrord a christian missionary. Many people were heathens in those days and Wilibrod travelled the land converting people to christianity.

When Walrick heard this he challenged Wilibrod to heal his daughter, who was very ill due livng in the swamps. If Wilbrord cured his daughter then Walrick and all his people would become christians, but if Wilbrord failed then Walrick would chop of his head.

What happend later that evening is shrouded in mystery but legion has it that the next day Walricks daughter's feaver broke and she made a miraculous recovery.
Walrick kept his word and became a devout christian and instead of robbing and killing people, he spent the rest of his life in the service of good.